How to monitor statistics on my PixelStellar Desktop?

This feature is not built-in in our Desktops.
The software we recommend to use is GPUPerf3.


  1. Download the software via this link
  2. Open the downloaded zip file (double-click it)
  3. Launch GPUPerf3.exe
  4. Windows will warn you about the app, but click “More info” & “Run anyway”
  5. The application will launch as an overlay in the top right corner of your Deksktop.


GPUPerf3 is displayed as an overlay to applications so you can see the numbers at the same time as you see the applications.
It provides you with a bunch of statistics, a little overview:

  • Frames Per Second
  • Latency
  • Line Statistics
  • GPU Usage & Memory
  • RAM
  • IOPS
  • CPU Usage
  • Encoder GPU & CPU
  • Used Protocol

Please bear in mind that statistics are from inside the Desktop.
The experience you’ll have is related to your connection.
example: You can have 60 FPS inside the Desktop, but due to the streaming the viewable FPS can be less.

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