How will I be billed?

PixelStellar is based on a post-payment billing model. After you’ve created your account, you can immediately start gaming (without any pre-payment required).

You’ll be billed only for the played hours (€ 1/hour) every two weeks.
Note that every time you play, you’ll be billed 1 hour (even if you only play for 1 minute; Also when you play for 61 minutes, you’ll be billed 2 hours). Refer to the example below for a clarification.
Every minute the Deskop is powered on, is counted as a consumed minute (and thus also being billed). So don’t forget to shutdown your Desktop everytime you stop playing (disconnecting is not enough).

PixelStellar works with a two-week billing cycle. Every two weeks you’ll be billed for the played hours in the past 2 weeks

Billing example:

  • Monday: 65 gaming minutes (2 hours)
  • Tuesday: 30 gaming minutes (1 hours)
  • Wednesday: 165 gaming minutes (3 hours)
  • Thursday: 179 gaming minutes (3 hours)
  • Friday: 182 gaming minutes (4 hours)

If the schedule above is the only time your PixelStellar desktop was powered on (in the two weeks billing cycle), you’re billed 15 hours (€ 15).


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