Is it possible to improve my framerate?


Our platform is heavily dependent on network latency. PixelStellar can’t guarantee a good experience if your latency does not meet the platform’s requirements.
Not all hope is lost for you though! We provide our users with a simple tool that let’s them select their desired quality when the framerate is not desirable.

This tool will drop your quality of the stream but will increase the framerate for you. We don’t guarantee that this tool will work for you if you have a latency higher than 40ms.


  1. Navigate to on your computer and run the speed test and remember the latency result.
    – This has to be run on your actual desktop, not in your PixelStellar machine.
  2. Open up your PixelStellar client and navigate to your desktop in the machine.
  3. On the desktop, Right click on PixelStellar Quality Selection and select Run as Administrator.
    It’s possible that Windows doesn’t like our application.
    If this is the case, click on “More info” & “Run anyway”.
  4. Select the desired quality from the dropdown menu and press Apply.
    – Your PixelStellar machine will automatically disconnect after a couple of seconds after pressing Apply.
  5. Reconnect to your PixelStellar machine.
  6. Play!

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