List of supported games

We are gaming intensively ourselves on the PixelStellar Platform, to ensure that our users have a great experience with particular games (and for fun ofcourse ūüôā )
Therefor we’ve created a list of games which are performing excellent on the PixelStellar platform.

Games marked with a * need to have Relative Mouse enabled to work properly.
More info about the Relative Mouse can be found in this article.

Some games need a little change to run properly on PixelStellar (Known Issues). Herefor we have a separate list below.

Supported games:

–¬†Age of Wonders III
– Anno 2205
– Ark: Survival Evolved*
– Battlefield 3*
– Dark Souls III*
– Destiny 2*
– For Honor*
– Fortnite: Battle Royale*
– Ghost Recon Wildlands*
– Grand Theft Auto 5*
–¬†Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor*
– NBA 2K17
– NBA 2K18
– Oldschool Runescape
– Overwatch*
– Path of Exile
– Project Cars
– Project Cars 2
– Resident Evil 7*
– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege*
– Tom Clancy’s The Division*
– Total War: Warhammer
– Warframe*
– Witcher 3*
– World Of Warcraft*
– …

Supported games with a known issue:

how to fix articles about the known issue(s) are linked by the numbers next to the titles.

– Battlefield 1*: 1
– Borderlands 2*: 1
– Borderlands: Pre-Sequel*: 1
– Crysis 2*: 1
– League of Legends: 1, 2
–¬†Metro 2033: 1
– PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds*: 1

We update these lists regularly; There are still a lot of high-end games in the pipeline.
We cannot guarantee that other games run seamlessly on the PixelStellar Platform.

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