What are acceptable speed and latency values?

Any connection capable of running a streaming service like Youtube or Netflix will do. Users will not see the difference with an on-premise workstation as long as the latency is below 25ms.

Use http://speed.pixelstellar.com to measure your speed and latency to our datacenter (if possible use Chrome – do not use Internet Explorer).

After the test is complete you will see 4 values. Download, Upload, Latency and Jitter. Download and Upload are in Mbit/s (megabit). Latency and Jitter are in ms (milliseconds). Latency is the average ping speed. Jitter is the deviation of latency. When Jitter is unstable it will have a negative effect on your experience.

If your download speed is > 15 MBit/s (peaks 30MBit/s), you have a decent enough speed.
If your latency < 25 ms, you have a good latency.
If your jitter < 5 ms, you have a decent jitter.

The values above are the minimum requirements to have a good experience on the PixelStellar platform.

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