Why I got rejected from the PixelStellar Alpha?

To optimize the performance of the PixelStellar platform and to give the gamers the best possible experience, it’s possible that we reject some people from the PixelStellar platform.

When we reject a person from the PixelStellar platform, we always have a decent reason why we do so.

We’ve observed potential gamers on our platform and we’ve decided that people from UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France & Denmark have the best experience on our platform.
If you’re located too far from our datacentre (London), we do not allow you on the platform, since your experience will not be optimal.

Beside the geographical restriction, we also take the connection itself into account.
This is measured in our speedtest performed when you sign up.
If the results does not meet our minimum requirements, but you are from the right region, we can not guarantee your experience. Thus, joining PixelStellar while your connection is poor will be your own responsibility.
The minimum requirements our mentioned in this article.


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